Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

  1. Time
  2. Internet access
  3. P.C
  4. NFT wallet (Yoroi,Daedalus, Nami, AdaLite, CCWallet)
  5. ADA

What is a CNFT?

It’s short for Cardano NFT and helps differentiate from other NFTs in the blockchain space.

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible token.

“Non-fungible” more or less means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else.

NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files.

Stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable.

Where do I store my NFTs?
In your Cardano wallet.

How to mint?

1. Get a wallet
To buy Cardano NFTs, you’ll need a Cardano wallet. Please download them from their official website.

Set up your wallet, and make certain that you have your seed phrase backed up and secured.

2. Fund your wallet
Acquire ADA and send it to your new wallet. You can buy ADA through many different exchanges, but a few of the most reputable include Binance Kucoin and Kraken.

3. Send ADA to the project minting wallet
Send the correct amount of ADA to the minting address the project posts on their discord or Twitter. Once received and the transaction is confirmed you will be sent your NFT!

What is a blockchain?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and ADA are powered by a technology called the blockchain. At its most basic, a blockchain is a list of transactions that anyone can view and verify. The Bitcoin blockchain, for example, contains a record of every time someone sent or received bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that powers them make it possible to transfer value online without the need for a middleman like a bank or credit card company.

Where can I buy/sell my CNFT?

You can buy or sell NFT’s on the following secondary markets.


How do I view my NFT?

View your NFT
You can use your wallet address from where you have sent ADA and paste that to Pool. pm, then you can see your purchased NFT