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Bored Ape Cardano Club

March 19 @ 6:00 pm


Project Description
BORED APES CARDANO CLUB🐵 is a derivative NFT collection – dope digital collectibles chilling on the Cardano blockchain. Founded in April 2022 as a passion project with roots in the creator’s love for art, fashion & blockchain technology, Bored Apes Cardano Club comes with a long-term vision to grow into a lifestyle brand and community-driven experience offering value. You read it right! Bored Apes Cardano Club aims to provide long-term value by combining digital & physical experiences. In short, we are “BACC” Many people ask us “Why did you decide to be a derivative instead of the original collection ?” The truth is that… we fell in love with the iconic NFT Apes, and we know a lot of you too. That’s why we decided that you can always come up with something new while keeping the original idea, character, and vision while at the same time combining it with something truly unique and ours, something that will preserve the iconic NFT, the original of which is unfortunately currently affordable only for a minimum of NFT enthusiasts. With an expansive amount of knowledge across the whole Bored Apes Cardano Club Team the project is set to be a cornerstone in the Cardano Web3 and visual art industry. All benefits, perks, and dope shit will be unlocked as we slowly venture into the Ape world. So, watch out!
  • Supply 5000
  • 49 Ada
Exact Time in UTC
06:00 PM


March 19
6:00 pm